Dancing to the rainbow notes

Oriental wisdom refers to Aum as the sacred word that created the physical universe. Modern physicists call this the Big Bang. 

The foundation of quantum mechanics is founded on the wave-particle duality. This means that any particle has a vibratory nature, just like sound. This would suggest everything originates from a vibration, just like Aum or the Big Bang.

Our senses – smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight are just different types of receivers of vibrations. They are all perceived as a neural impulse (a vibration) by the brain. Loving something is to be receptive to its vibrations. A musician uses hearing as a means of receiving and transmitting love by music. A cook by taste and smell, a visual artist by sight and a healer  by touch. Creation of all kinds, when driven by love, send out good vibes that put the soul to dance to its tunes. Aum could actually be the true sound of Love 🙂


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