Entertainment tonight

There was a candle fire on the coffee table the other night while watching television. A short breeze set the fire into a frenzy dancing trance.

Flickering shadows caught my attention and I was hypnotized by the mysterious nature of the flame. To quote Forrest Gump about a box of chocolate – “you never know what you’re gonna get“. I was soon paying more attention to the candle flame than my televised programme. I can’t help thinking then that the arrival of television must have dethroned watching fire to a primitive activity.

Studying the flame, feeling its every move reignited a spark of consciousness. It occurred to me that when we put all our attention to the fire from without, we extinguish the fire from within through inattention. The spirit then lays dormant in a deep sleep while the external fire consumes all that it encounters. A balanced tending of both fires fuels creation, awakening the spirit to rise towards freedom – Yin and Yang reunites to become one.


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