If our eyes could see infrared red

…and if the brain re-interpreted the perception of colours, there would be blue ladybirds!

and the sky would appear dark blue, even under bright sunlight!

Sometimes, I wonder what things really look liked if the brain had not photoshop’ed it for the senses. Perceiving reality is like a disc player’s ability to read different types of media. An audio CD player can only play audio CDs. A DVD player can play DVDs and audio CDs. Recent DVD players can even play a wide range of media files in different format. We are free to ask for an upgrade, but if one is contented with lesser technology, why change?

The will to expand one’s perception comes from within, and the trigger comes from without. As an example, when I am hungry I eat. To make eating enjoyable, I seek to cook delicious food. This is a simple manifestation of love applying intelligence to drive the will to expand towards excellence. The seeker sees no limit, nor does the Universe.

 “The Universe is in Orion’s belt” — Men in Black 


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