The best camera… the one you have at the moment when you needed it.

I had a Nikon F50 film camera, fitted with a Sigma 28-200 zoom when the morning sunrise surprised and awed me. There was a roll of Kodak Elitechrome Extra Color slide film loaded. Just one roll!

Life has a mysterious way of presenting its gifts. It didn’t matter if the lens was not the sharpest in the world. It didn’t matter if the slide film was well over the use-by date (yes, films do have that to ensure consistent results for professionals who depended on them). It didn’t even matter that I developed it in my own darkroom, which definitely fall short of every recommendation required for E-6 slide film processing. The results didn’t depend on all that. What mattered was I just go ahead and shoot.

I knew I had to compensate the exposure to get the saturated colours. There was a lot of uncertainty because I had no way to check the results, nor coming back to retake it. A symphony of light like this doesn’t come by everyday. Looking back, I understand now that life doesn’t ask for the impossible. The only thing it demanded was involvement, the courage to get involved and not worry about losing or failure. After all, there’s always a second chance somewhere further down the road.


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