Signing up for life

I once had a dream.

At the beginning I was alone.

A spark of divine Will created my twin,

only to bid farewell before the night was over.

An eclipse that shrouded all light.

From a distance came a voice:

“I’ve bestowed upon you a gift,

of planting seeds of joy in the fields of sorrow.

Tend to the Flame of Today

that produces Seeds of Tomorrow;

for the Flowers that bloom forth

unite Past, Present and Future

in the light of Joy”.

A soft breeze brought news of a scent

of incense glow lasting many winter nights.

The rhythmic perfume permeates the heart,

guiding it mysteriously through portals

out of a labyrinth I once created

in the abyss of mourning.

All that remains of the dream

was a subtle fragrance far way,

infused deep into every living cell.

I run not, I hide not.

I am part of that memory now.


2 thoughts on “Signing up for life

  1. Beautiful and inspiring. 🙂

    PS. I really like the name – fluffyphoton. Too cool! 🙂 How did you decide it?

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