If I am watching him capture the sunset…

 …who’s got their eyes set on me photographing someone taking a picture of the sunset that is also captivating me at the same time?


6 thoughts on “If I am watching him capture the sunset…

  1. I used a lot of Fuji Velvia, too, and you are enhancing my fond reminiscences. I haven’t shot with film in (shudder) 12 years now, but sometimes–like now–I’m really tempted to bring my trad SLRs back to life. Thanks for this!

    1. You are most welcomed and thanks for sharing the thought. I haven’t had the time to do that either for more than 2 years now, though I still have a stock of them in my little freezer. The outlook of shooting films is quite bleak, especially with Fuji’s recent price hike.

  2. Nice wide shot… how do u get only one person on a beach lol…i’ve waited at the beach for this kind of setting quite a few days lol… btw what camera are you using and what lens? i mean for this photo?

    1. I used a Fuji GSW690W II, a 6×9 camera with a fixed lens – 65mm f/5.6, taken on Velvia 50 many years ago. This beach is usually very busy but the far edge is relatively isolated because there are too many rocks, and on this particular evening in July, it was deserted. Perhaps you can have better luck waiting out on a less popular beach?

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