Moon Watch

The weather has started to shift away from the sunny side and temperatures have taken a slight dip. I was lucky that the sky remains relatively clear to watch the full moon, less than a day before its official full moon status. Over here, just south of the English Channel, we’ll be experiencing maximum tidal amplitudes over the weekend. As high tide hour coincides with sunrise or sunset hour, there may even be spectacular views at coastal towns along the northern coast line of Brittany in France. The only catch with high tidal amplitudes is bad weather. The weather running up the the high tidal amplitudes are usually sunny and warm, followed by mixed weather during the few days when the tides hit their maximum coefficients. Once the tides have subsided to lower coefficients, wet rainy weather sets in for the next few days, if not weeks. So if you are living on this side of the Atlantic, stock up and enjoy the sunshine while it last. 🙂

The archive picture below, taken in the summer of 2009, shows the extend of the tides. It so happens that sunset hour coincided with the high tide hour on this day too. The ramp goes down towards the beach that’s at least 3m (about 10 feet) below.

It’s quite a sight to watch the tides and people playing hide and seek with the clashing waves. Many got a free cold shower to go home to. I remembered getting my feet wet that day 🙂


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