Thread Lightly, Be Patient & Thank you

The sea retired to her nocturne abode

as riverlets reflect this evening’s early glory,

revealing rough edges of new born edifices

that will one day become smooth as silk.

I have been away for quite a while and now that I have finally coming to grasps with time to write new posts. I would like to first thank Alice through the Macro Lens for tagging me and nominating me for my first blog award. One big thank you. I would also take this opportunity to thank all who come by my blog, who click on the “like” button or who leave sweet comments about things I put up in my little “sandbox”. I’ve been thinking about how to reciprocate and decided that I’ll bend the rules a little…

First, my answer to the questions of the tag, and try not to take me too seriously:

  1. What was your favourite game you played as a child?
    Toys were rare those days and games were mostly invented among the children. Basic ingredients for games were marbles, picture cards and open spaces. We drew, jump and dug (and found worms and bugs!). One of the neighbours had “Monopoly”, Hong Kong version, with stops like Sha Tin station and Nathan street 🙂 and it was fun. 
  2. If you had a shelf for your three most special possessions, what would you put on it?
     A panda plush, a koala plush and a picture of everyone in the family. 
  3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
    I have enrolled myself to the Jedi academy for a couple of years now. I just about get through avoiding those laser stings from the levitated orb with my blast helmet on. One day, I might just lift that X-wing out of the swamp, and kill Darth Vader in the cave! .
  4. If you were to go on any game show, which one would you choose?
    University Challenge
    . The only one I can think of that doesn’t try to last longer than it should.
  5. What makes you really angry?
    When the computer says “No”  straight in my face (cf. Little Britain). 
  6. What calms you down?
    Having Pacha purring on my lap helps. 
  7. What’s your favourite body part?
    Won’t you want to know? OK, I think I might have been an Inuit in a previous life because I find an eskimo kiss cute. It’s also my litmus test of a plush toy’s level of fluffiness. 
  8. Looks or wealth?
    Show me the money baby :-).
  9. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    Breton butter cake for starters. Tiramisu is another, then cheesecake or dare I mention durian and petai?
  10. If your life was turned into a movie, who would you want to play you?
    Ryan Gosling? No, just kidding! I prefer the the Ewok shaman in Return of the Jedi. Not the actor inside but the Ewok, I insist. 
  11. Invite four people to dinner (alive or dead, real or fictional). Who would they be?
    I would have a long list, but if there are only 4 guest chairs, I would nominate Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch), Edward Scissorshands,  Shaun the sheep and Timmy.

And for the award, I will confess to seven truths:

  1. I am an ethnic Chinese born and grew up in Malaysia, did half my schooling years in Singapore, got my BEng degree in the UK, and now proud father of a cute little boy in France.
  2. After 15 years of writing software, for the most part for video broadcast equipment, I packed my engineers’ hat to pursue a career in alternative medicine – osteopathy.
  3. I believe my Myers-Briggs type indicator is INFJ, though I have never been evaluated by a professional. My intuition says so, and I am stubbon about it 🙂 .
  4. I have a weak spot for anything fluffy, from kittens to bumblebees. That include cute plush toys and I still can’t help crying watching a sad movie.
  5. I can’t stand cockroaches. They give me the creeps bone deep and the smell is unbearable. The flying ones are a terror.
  6. When I was a kid, I love taking things apart and they stopped working. I still do, but the difference now is on things that stop working correctly and half the time they work again.
  7. I never got into the habit of reading newspapers, and never understood why. The only section that interested me was the comic strip page and the TV guide. When I was studying in the UK, I stumbled upon Calvin & Hobbes in the Daily Express. This was the only strip that I like so much that I have a small collection of Bill Watterson’s books.

Now the final part is where I bend things out of shape. Instead of transmitting the award to 7 other blogs, I am using my blogroll as a way of showing an evolving list of blogs that I follow and find inspiring and creative. It is my opinion that every time we click and read a blog entry, we are bestowing an award of our time and attention to the author. It’s like giving water to a seedling that one day becomes a tree whose leaves and branches whisper a thousand notes of gratitude, diffusing scent from flowers that light our heart in times of difficulty and bearing fruits that give us force to carry on life’s journey. If you have come this far reading this post, I thank you for giving your time and attention.


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