A Ballerina Named Rosemary

Light and sound rumble above

as thick gray puffs gather to obscure;

Icy spikes rain from the heavens,

urging me to take refuge through the looking glass.


 In the calm of the underworld,

I could see dancers of a blue violet hue;

 their silky dress in the purest of whites

moving in harmony among the shadows

A distant song gently lures me in –

“Rosemary came from a distant past,

when the sea brought the dew of life

upon the shores where none stood”.

“We dance the ballet that bears her name,

in an eternal promise to revive

a memory of pure and gentle elegance”.

I reach out to their scented embrace but

noise of shattering glass broke the spell.

Before me stood a cluster of flowers

whose lower lip held a glistering sphere.

In the silvery light of its aqueous reflections,

I can hear a soft fragrant murmur

of the sea caressing my soul.


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