From Broken Flowers to Sunny Fragrance

The final week of April was witness to an relentless storm that showed no mercy to anything that wasn’t deeply rooted. Clusters of Wisteria flower had fallen to the ground, trampled by the pouring rain. As the month drew to a close, sunny weather began to make a shy comeback, ushering in a warmer and brighter outlook. For the first time in almost two weeks, the rain had stopped. The path was clear for May to bring in summer.

Gusty winds had given way to a soft breeze humming in the tunes of summer. As I toured under the Wisteria tree,  My nostrils were greeted with a sweet smelling perfume in the surrounding atmosphere. There was a light buzz and soft rattling in the petals. Bees were darting and scuttling among the flowers, picking nectar and pollen at every available opportunity.

The leaves rustled in the wind and from the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of flakes falling off the branches. One of them fell right onto a hollyhock leaf, head resting peacefully at the heart as the buzzing sound of winged gatherers intensified above.


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