A Furzy Day


Void has no place for me;

My flowers set Summer ablaze,

outshining Autumn’s grey.

Winter’s hunger for warmth

consumes me in flames.

Yet in Spring I lead the way

from beneath the melting snow.

Take me along on your journey,

and fear Darkness no more.

tribute to Dr. Edward Bach
The Twelve Healers


3 thoughts on “A Furzy Day

    1. Thank you. It must have been the general impression all around that winter is getting really harsh (both in the physical weather and living conditions that many are going through in the years following the financial crisis).What is it like in your community/town? In the town where I live, people are really feeling the crunch, even though a large proportion is in high tech jobs.

      1. It’s pretty solid here; we’re very fortunate. We’ve had the coldest January since 1997, though, I heard on the radio the other day. Good to stay in!

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