Seasons’ Greetings

Golden Freeze
Godspeed Autumn, lest Winter preceeds thee

amidst changing tides of Times!

The faeries were out last night,

sprinkling Crystals of Life to welcome the first golden rays –

Light of Love, Joy and Resolve!

Open thy Heart and you shall see

the music of the Angels’ hymn


Dancing to the rainbow notes

Oriental wisdom refers to Aum as the sacred word that created the physical universe. Modern physicists call this the Big Bang. 

The foundation of quantum mechanics is founded on the wave-particle duality. This means that any particle has a vibratory nature, just like sound. This would suggest everything originates from a vibration, just like Aum or the Big Bang.

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My first step

The wind had done a good job caressing every little grain so that the ripples on the beach match the incoming waves. I was unsure if I could disturb nature’s peace and interrupt the beauty with my clumsy steps. “Form is impermanent” she said, “You cannot cross the desert without waking up the Lord of the Dunes. These steps are yours alone, just as the steps of your predecessor are here no more.”  I trembled as I my foot sank into the soft carpet of microscopic glass beads. Much effort was needed to cross the sea of sand to get to the other side. Looking back, I have left a soft trail of shallow craters that were quickly blended into the existing ripples by soft gusts of the Dune Sculptor.